Voice Pilot Communicator and Communicator GO

Voice Pilot Communicator & Communicator GO E Street’s Unified Communications desktop application and iPhone (IOS) or Android smartphone app brings the industry-leading features of E Street Voice Pilot Digital Voice to your desktop and phone.   It is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu Linux as a desktop application, and Communicator GO on Google Android […]

Tell me about E Street’s Voice Pilot Fax Service

Voice Pilot Fax Internet faxing (Using E Street Voice Pilot Services / Email application to Send and Receive Faxes) is more cost effective and convenient than using the old traditional fax machine, and offers a vast amount of features and benefits to reduce costs while increasing business productivity. E Street’s “Voice Pilot Fax” is E […]

Voice Pilot Communicator GO call settings and active call management

Attached below are some active call features and settings for E Street Voice Pilot Communicator GO.   Your Call Screen appears when you initiate or receive a call with E Street Voice Pilot Communicator GO: Once your call is connected Communicator GO allows you to perform several actions: Mute – Mute allows you to disable the […]

How do I access my VoiceMail on my Voice Pilot Hosted phone system?

These instructions are for E Street Voice Pilot Hosted products: METHODS TO ACCESS VOICEMAIL: Access Voicemail and Settings from your desk phone, (or from Communicator softphone, Communicator GO app): – On the desk phone Press the Messages button or dial “*123” – Enter your passcode (PIN) – Follow the instructions for access voicemail features† Access […]

How do I view my server stats?

E Street offers default server statistic in all standard hosting plans and Advanced Server Statistics are reporting are available as an add-on to your plan as well. Advanced Stats are given private URL’s – (Contact E Street Support For an example of these types of stats.) Viewing default server stats can vary by platform and […]

Unable to see home page after publishing your website

Some users may report inability to see their home page when publishing on the servers. There are a number of reasons this may occur: – Published to wrong folder. For any website to be served it must be in the “httpdocs” folder on your server. If the user published to anything other than this folder, […]