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3 Ways Digital Voice will Enahnce your Business

If communication is the cornerstone of your business (and, really, in what business isn’t it?) you can no longer afford to overlook digital voice.  Digital voice (voice over IP) is simply the most modern means of delivering voice and multimedia over the Internet. But as simple as it sounds, its benefits are profound. 

Unlike a wired, analog phone system, such as PBX, which relies on electric voltage running over a piece of copper, digital voice uses the same data-network technology you do to surf the Web.

This cloud-based “digitalization of voice” has revolutionized communication in the corporate environment, becoming the most effective way for companies to communicate today for three reasons.

Connectivity: Do you like being chained to your desk awaiting a critical sales call that you can only answer on a plugged-in PBX phone? Digital voice completely unleashes employees from office confines, giving our increasingly mobile society a new, highly portable and powerful way to do business—from a home office, the conference room, public transport, and just about any other roving spot imaginable. With digital voice, “location” is no longer a prerequisite for getting business done. It doesn’t matter where your office is; it matters where your people can be reached. 


Flexibility: Not only does digital voice create new freedom in work styles, the sheer number of features now available with voice over the Internet can help businesses communicate smarter, faster and more successfully than ever. From simultaneous ring (a digital voice line ringing simultaneously at a desk, mobile phone and home line) to convenient voice mail-to-email functionality, you can now access some 90 calling options with a single automated request, rather than an on-site visit from tech support. With digital voice, changes, additions, upgrades, even new lines, are essentially free for life. 


Efficiency: Unlike wired, manually controlled PBX, digital voice empowers business owners to drive their own communications strategies, which can lead to both cost-saving efficiencies as well as faster practices for earning new business. (And what business doesn’t like that combination?) Imagine the impact a modest but meaningful upgrade like auto attendant—press 1 for sales, 2 for billing—could make in a given year? Or how no-answer forwarding could lead to better customer service, allowing you to monitor and manage call flow even when the receptionist is away? Digital voice provides is a “virtual” office of total efficiency—scaling only when and where your company demands. 


Wondering if your phone system makes the grade these days? Do you really have the connectivity, flexibility and efficiency your business deserves? E Street would be happy to come take a look at how your company can start to leverage the digital voice of the future. 


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