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4 Precautions for Moving to Cloud Computing

There’s no doubt that the ubiquitous “cloud” is where all business computing is going these days. This universally accessible technology is the new standard, from corporate America down to mom-and-pop shops.However, the problem E Street sees far too often is businesses getting sold on the marketing hype around do-it-yourself cloud-based products and services.

Companies are bullied into buying too much cloud “coverage,” as well as the opposite problem: not using the cloud enough for critical private security and backup. Here are a few precautions as you consider purchasing, upgrading or fine-tuning your professional relationship with the cloud.

  • Know what you’re signing up for. Don’t get pushed into cloud ridiculousness by signing on every digital dotted line. Demand that your cloud computing partner (ideally someone you can pick up the phone and call) walk you through the solution and the pros and cons (those always exist).
  • Focus on security. One of the cloud’s best—and sometimes worst—features is its ability to help secure your critical data remotely, eliminating the need for a standalone onsite backup system. However, with that positive comes a potential negative if you don’t really know where your data is going. Ask which companies are involved with your data, ask about security in transit and where it resides.Take advantage of this dynamic technology, but don’t get lost in the clouds!
  • Covering for compliance. If your business deals regularly with oversight structures like HIPPA or PCI, make sure you understand the privacy and encryption features around the corporate and customer data you’re storing or sending via the cloud. E Street can help with these best practices and guidelines.
  • The old backup scam. Online DIY backup and storage services can seem like a great deal at the outset, but ever tried to retrieve that data in a pinch? It can take days. It’s typically an easy upload, but download and recovery can be a nightmare. If you can’t access critical data when you need it most, your reputation, even your livelihood, is on the line.

These are just some of the concerns we commonly come across and address at E Street. To help companies understand options, rights and risks, our Tech Services team works with each client to help determine the best way to leverage the cloud. Hint: It’s different for every company.

Often decision-makers settle on a “private” cloud setup. Think of it as outsourcing your infrastructure and owner-controlled data to E Street’s enterprise-grade local data center where we leverage and monitor cloud use, putting our skin in the game and taking a huge load off your shoulders. It’s a hybrid configuration that ensures you don’t have to own, manage and fix onsite cloud-computing systems; yet you get all the direct tech expertise you need to stay compliant, protected and redundant when the critical needs of your business are on the line.

Take advantage of this dynamic technology, but don’t get lost in the clouds!


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