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Have you scheduled your monthly IT checkup?... If you’re like most companies, you may have fallen into a break/fix pattern when it comes to IT. It’s easy to ignore computer and communication systems when everything’s running smoothly. But when a system goes down, or hardware fails, you’re immediately in a fire drill, which can critically impact business.

One of the easiest ways to stop this unhealthy cycle is to hire a professional, proactive tech services team that can carefully monitor, maintain and maximize your IT components with monthly checkups. Having a go-to crew of technical experts will not only help your company avoid expensive downtime, but can help your enterprise squeeze the most out of what you’re already employing to make your team as successful as possible. .

Contact E Street and this service comes in the form of a monthly maintenance plan. You’ll find that this standard fee more than pays for itself when you don’t have to ante up for last-minute assistance or overtime in an emergency IT situation. Regular maintenance checks can solve all kinds of issues—some of which you might not even know are happening behind the scenes. Here some ways an initial IT audit and monthly service plan can pay for itself:

    • Efficiencies. Track computer and IT usage and performance monthly via remote monitoring software so you can pinpoint exactly where your company could be saving money or maximizing time.


    • Security. Too often companies are too cavalier about real-world security threats and hacks. It’s shocking how regularly we see blatantly open local networks. With tech pros remotely monitoring antivirus, firewalls and security patches, you can ensure your data and people are protected at all times.


    • Workflow. Make your workflow even more efficient by having techs constantly checking that printers are connected, dying computers are replaced, and digital upgrades are considered where and when they can add the most benefit for sales and communications processes.


    • Metrics. Don’t miss that million-dollar contract because your hard drive failed or your voice mail went down. Monthly IT monitoring delivers all kinds of metrics on storage capacity and real-time IT functionality, while ensuring that all your valuable files are backed up remotely and securely when the big deal comes in.


    • Empowerment. Increase your operating system knowledge by working regularly with our IT experts. Instead of having us come in for a one-and-done hardware fix, our technicians can bring your in-house people into the fold, empowering your company to take more control over long-term decision-making and IT choices


These are just some of the issues that regular IT checkups and monitoring can catch—before they turn tragic. Maybe it’s time to break the break/fix cycle and plan a proactive IT strategy that your company can count on. Contact E Street Tech Services

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