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Make your website a 24/7 sales tool

Every day businesses spend thousands of dollars on newspaper ads while ignoring the sales potential of their websites.

We’re all guilty of letting our web presence go, forgetting to update it regularly or really investigate the marketing potential hidden inside its pages. Narrowly focused on customer service, small businesses simply let their own online marketing efforts slide, month over month.

However, therein lies the greatest competitive advantage. If everybody else is neglecting their company websites, starting to make yours a powerful 24/7 sales tool could very quickly put you ahead of the competition. Here are three ways to start.

Website Works!
  1. Go live! If you’re lacking a web presence altogether, the first step is to commit to getting something simple and straightforward up now. You might not realize how much business you’re missing out on—many people won’t even consider doing business with a company missing a website. It’s the modern-day first impression, and if you can’t make one online, you may have just lost another lead.

  2. Be un-generic. Free or cheap template-based website builders are trendy right now. These companies further commoditize website design and hosting, making it easy enough for grandma to drag and drop everything into place. But that doesn’t mean a generic impression is the type you want to make. A website should demonstrate your brand—your core differentiators, really. And it’s hard to do that when you look like everyone else.

  3. Think long-term. Just because you can launch website in a hurry doesn’t mean it will work effectively. Instead, approach your website as a long-term marketing tool that can change with your company’s needs. Often that means using professionals, starting with a hosting specialist that you can call with questions. A smart designer can make your brand shine online and embed functional apps to boost sales; a copy writer can explain exactly what you do in a way that will make people call for more information; and a marketing expert can help you leverage your website as responsive sales tool—even when you’re not paying attention.

As one E Street client found out the hard way, undervaluing your own website can lead to undo stress, a drain on resources and lost sales. Once our hosting and design staff showed this customer the potential of a working website to run without interruption on a dedicated server, but also facilitate the sales process online, he was blown away with the results.

Not only did our customer see immediate ROI, the constant stress of managing a mass-produced website was gone. His feedback we reference frequently: “My competitors websites are up and down. Mine just works.” Do you know how your website works? Do you know where it lives? Could your site be bringing you more business? We can help with that. Give E Street a call today.

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