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Protect your Business! Unified Threat Management Without the Complexity

Protect your Business! Unified Threat Management Without the Complexity

Protect your network from viruses, malware and malicious activity with E Street installed Kerio Control firewalls. These easy-to-administer security solutions are a favorite of E Street Tech Services and are a MUST HAVE for businesses to guard against threats, conserve valuable bandwidth, and more... 

It used to be that a local area network firewall was a relatively static device that blocked some stuff and not others. All that has changed. And there’s a good chance that if your company hasn’t upgraded network security recently you could be exposed—and valuable resources could be squandered affecting the bottom-line.

By upgrading the LAN firewall, companies can save a ton of money on bandwidth expenses. For example, if malicious or non-work related activities are happening on the network, this can degrade valuable bandwidth for regular business,” says Nick Voth, President of E Street Communications. “Firewall management is now about really understanding networks from security, resources and productivity standpoints and setting firewall policies as aggressive or lenient as necessary.

ecrm7 art diagramThe next-generation LAN firewall is sophisticated, highly dynamic and customizable. These systems, best installed and monitored by an IT expert, can delve deeper than ever before, into things like root-cause Web applications, and appropriately filter content department by department. There are also special layers of intelligence that can analyze and adjust for actual traffic.

E Street installed “Kerio Control” Firewalls [PDF] are the ideal choice for small and mid-sized businesses;

  • Protect network integrity through deep packet inspection, advanced routing, intrusion prevention and a high-performance VPN client.
  • Manage bandwidth via prioritization and traffic monitoring, Internet link load balancing and limiting access to streaming video and peer-to-peer networks as needed.
  • Industry-leading web content and application filtering across 141 categories plus the ability to view individual users’ internet activity through detailed reports.

Kerio Control - E Street
An enterprise firewall is no longer a sweeping tool that universally blocks or allows Web surfing for a corporation, but rather it’s a complex security organism that is the core of a business network. “A good firewall can and really mitigate intrusions and protect business assets, things that help a business owner sleep at night.” Voth says.

However, because of the complexity of some firewalls, some businesses shy away from what they need.  Not needed with these newer generation firewalls.  The inituitive interface and reporting is designed for actual people. E Street leverages our multifaceted enterprise-grade firewalls helping small businesses uncover threats and wastes company-wide.

Interested in learning how your LAN firewall could be saving you money and resources?  Click or give E Street tech services a call (303-584-0640 or 877-EStreet). We would be happy to provide a network assessment and advise you about next steps.


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