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5 Real-world Benefits Found in the Cloud

The Cloud is as grey a place as its name implies...

It’s nebulous what companies are really doing through and in the Cloud. While we know the Cloud is a vague place where stuff associated with the vast internet gets done, it’s, well, rather cloudy as to how it all works down on Earth.

The Cloud has replaced the old office environment in which businesses were required to buy and maintain IT equipment, but it can be confusing how remote servers hosted over “there” actually work right “here.” The Cloud is supposed to make things more efficient, more flexible and more affordable, but just what’s really going on between the Cloud and data centers isn’t always clear.

Because the IT pros at E Street handle inquires about the Cloud daily, we thought we’d cover some of the top ways professional organizations are using the Cloud to get stuff done—and realize real-world ROI.

Streamlined systems. Cloud computing cuts out the high ownership cost of hardware; simplifies, integrates and secures your IT processes; and eases pressure on cash flow. Cloud-based systems are pay-as-you-go, which means they can eliminate antiquated, expensive vendor-based hardware and in-office server operating systems. Not only does working through the Cloud reward with ROI, it also allows for easy setup, simple management and increased flexibility.

ROI on “rent.” One of the most popular uses of cloud computing is allowing business owners to rent software instead of buying it. Instead of overloading your PC with cumbersome programs, the Cloud facilitates working online through virtual-office applications like Google Docs, ThinkFree and Microsoft Office Live. In addition to ROI on the cheaper rent, these cloud-based suites come with improved accessibility, cool collaboration features and secure storage space.

Turbo communications. Email, SMS (text), softphones, instant messaging—you name it—sourcing your communications in the Cloud is faster and less fickle. Two options through E Street include “hosted exchange,” where our data center replaces your hardware server to turbocharge your email capability. The second is E Street Voice Pilot hosted digital voice, which leverages the Cloud for “softphones,” or using your office phone on your mobile device over Wi-Fi, and texting to and from your landline.

Faster file collaboration. Sharing documents and other files between collaborators used to consume a lot of time and often required buying expensive storage devices on your local network. With cloud-activated collaboration servers—again, we host it for you via E Street Cloud VPS and Dedicated Private Cloud options—you can be up and efficient at all times. More processing power and resources are available for just a fraction of the price of old infrastructure. Plus cloud-based collaboration servers can be set up in minutes and customized for the needs of your organization.

Added security. Having an offsite cloud-based backup can save your company’s critical data, even if you lose everything locally. In this case, over-the-internet redundancy can protect against serious threats including ransomware, viruses and malware, as well as physical damage to your office from flooding or a natural disaster.

These are just a few of the benefits that businesses are seeing in the Cloud. Click or Call us (877-ESTREET or 303-584-0640)  with your questions; there’s a great chance E Street has a cloud-based solution that can save your company time and money.


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