Is your website due for a refit?

Most companies these days have a website, but to make it effective it needs to look attractive and modern, meet users expectations, and be secure. Even if your website was all of these things when it was built, it can quickly get out of date. To help you decide if its time for a refit, here are some things to consider....


Visual appeal
We are all familiar with the idiom "Don't judge a book by its cover". Yet we all do it. Whether it is a commercial, book cover, or movie poster - we make decisions about the value of a product based on its presentation. In this same way, the average user is likely to judge your company based on your website, as a study at Stanford University shows.

Design trends are always evolving and it’s important to keep the overall look and features of your site modern and consistent with what your users expect. As recently as five years ago, we didn't usually include social media icons in sites, but now if your site doesn't have them it’s a red flag for your customers that you might not be in-touch with them.

How modern does your site look? Does it have expected features like maps, contact information, and social media links? If you compared it to other sites in your industry how does it stack up?

Mobile Friendly
Based on stats from Smart Insight, virtually all users 18-54 are mobile users and as many as 20% of 18-35 year olds don't use desktops at all. The company that ignores its mobile audience does so at its own peril.

Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, a new website built by E Street, based on responsive technology, would allow your website to adapt its display to virtually any device whether that is a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop.

As a web hosting company, we have seen a definite increase in hacking over the years. Some hacked sites get defaced, others send out spam, and others still become a platform for spreading malware.
This can cause your website to be taken down, give your company a bad image, or even get your website blocked in google searches.

E Street understands how important security is. A new WordPress website built by E Street would utilize firewall and security software with a 450 point grading system to monitor and actively secure your website. We also offer an updating service to keep your site software and security up to date.

Click or give E Street tech services a call (303-584-0640 or 877-EStreet). We would be happy to review your website and give you a proposal for a refit.

Ryan Wallace
Lead Web Developer
E Street Communications