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From a security standpoint, today just about everything in business is compromised. As virus and malware creators and hackers have gotten more sophisticated, nothing, it seems, is off limits. That means every email your employees open, every website they visit and every file they share creates risk for your company. And usually it’s only a matter of minutes before an entire system is commandeered...


Sounds alarmist I know, but it is our unfortunate current reality in IT.

Without a technician who can set up your computer network for success and monitor it minute by minute, you could get attacked at any time, leaving important client and internal files far too vulnerable.

“For example, just today before noon, we’ve blocked 1000-plus viruses for customers with hosted domains,” says Nick Voth, President at E Street Communications, about the remote monitoring program his company uses to support the customized tech services it provides.

Some real threats out there today: Dangerous viruses, malware and hijacks come in many forms these days:

  • Unpatched or unprotected systems hackers can disable your antivirus and anti-malware software leaving you exposed without you ever knowing it.
  • Ransomware, one of the most escalating threats we’ve seen, holds a computer “hostage” until the owner pays to get back. As reported by Forbes, the security team at SonicWall's Global Response Intelligence Grid saw around 3.8 million ransomware attacks attempted in 2015, and last year 2016, SonicWall reports this jumped to 638 million ransomware attacks!
  • Other tricky programs make your personal computer part of a “botnet” that attacks other computers, making you look like the bad guy while someone in a foreign country is controlling your computer.purchitem

The only way to prevent future exposure is to have an IT professional analyze your business systems, recommend a security strategy appropriate for your business needs and then monitor it every minute of the day to make sure you’re always fending off possible attacks with real-time threat analysis. E Street uses a top-notch spam and virus firewall program called Barracuda, which leverages layers of virus-scanning technology to shield and protect the email vector.

Virus definition updates typically happen once a week,” according to Voth. “Ours are updated every 30 minutes for all inbound email traffic. Then we layer on an advanced level of intelligence that looks for suspicious, out-of-the-norm things that aren’t even known as viruses yet. We can tell if a company’s antivirus is up to date, deploy probes, and even update or upgrade virus protection and firewalls remotely.

Wondering if your company is covered? Chances are it’s not. Keeping up with daily releases of new viruses and hacks from around the world is next to impossible. Having a third-party like E Street check your system is just good business practice.

Click or give E Street tech services a call (303-584-0640 or 877-EStreet). We would be happy to review your current situation and provide security solutions for your in-office and online assets.

Michael Brust
Tech Services Engineer
E Street Communications


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