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Make your website a 24/7 sales tool

Make your website a 24/7 sales tool

Every day businesses spend thousands of dollars on newspaper ads while ignoring the sales potential of their websites.

We’re all guilty of letting our web presence go, forgetting to update it regularly or really investigate the marketing potential hidden inside its pages. Narrowly focused on customer service, small businesses simply let their own online marketing efforts slide, month over month.

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Minimize risk with better backup IQ

E Street Tech Services - Minimize risk with better backup IQ

More than half of small businesses have no disaster recovery plan. Are you confident in your backup?

The problem with professional backup today is that it’s all over map. With so many big-brand vendors, misrepresented applications, schools of thought, built-in redundancies, and conflicts between internal and external IT experts, it’s no wonder that companies are unsure of just how protected they are. In some cases, businesses are ironically overprotected, which only slows productivity and costs money.

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Have you scheduled your monthly IT checkup?

E Street Tech Services - Schedule your checkups today

Have you scheduled your monthly IT checkup?... If you’re like most companies, you may have fallen into a break/fix pattern when it comes to IT. It’s easy to ignore computer and communication systems when everything’s running smoothly. But when a system goes down, or hardware fails, you’re immediately in a fire drill, which can critically impact business.

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Recent Ransomware threats and IT checkups keep your business running

Ransomware AND OTHER RECENT threats -Schedule E Street Tech Services visit

Real Scenario: One-day you boot up your laptop or office desktop expecting to see your normal screens and applications …and instead… you see a big read lock icon or other image demanding you pay $500 to an unknown party in the next 24-hours, or all your files will be irrevocably lost. Welcome to the world of “ransomware,” the latest method criminals are using to pull cash from the pockets of innocent victims and using it to fund other clandestine operations.

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Why E Street?

  • Our Proactive Support +

    Proactive support is to identifying and resolving issues before they become problems. Best case... this is solving problems before our customers even realize they exist.
  • Our Experience +

    E Street's 20+ years in the business means we provide no-nonsense flexible, scalable solutions that work for your organization.
  • Our Resources +

    With products that range from basic to complex hosting, and our unmatched telephony expertise backed by our own enterprise-grade data center means the right solution for our clients.
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