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BlackBerry usage with E Street email

E Street does not provide technical support for BlackBerry, but you should be able to use such a device with your E Street email address if you wish.  For technical support on your BlackBerry please contact the manufacturer and/or cell carrier.

Before attempting to configure a BlackBerry device for your email, you must first find your email settings:


Once you have your email settings you are ready to configure your BlackBerry. For information and support resources on using your BlackBerry, view this site: BlackBerry Support Page



Note on Kerio Mail Servers and BlackBerry:

Blackberry support is “native” on E Street Kerio mail servers with the RIM provided software “BlackBerry Enterprise Server (Express)”.  The setup of this software far from trivial however and many BB users will opt for third party tools such as “Astrasync”. For more info see:

Support resources for Kerio Connect mail servers

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