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Call Transfer, 3-way calling, and star codes for the Sipura / Linksys ATA

If I have a Linksys or Sipura ATA VoIP adapter, how do I Transfer calls?

To perform 3-WAY CALLING / CONFERENCE call with an analog phone connected to an ATA VoIP adapter use the “hook / flash” button on the analog phone:

   You can be talking on the default Line, then hook / flash to place the call on hold, when you hear dial-tone make another call to a 3rd party. Then hit hook / flash again to start a 3-way conference. 

(Another hook flash during a 3-way conference will hang up the last joined party.)

To TRANSFER follow the instructions above but Hang up while the 3rd party is ringing or after he answers.  This will TRANSFER the 2nd party to the 3rd party.

Here are some other “star codes” built into VoIP adapters:


#8   Automatic Callback Deactivation

*72   Call Forwarding Always Activation

*73   Call Forwarding Always Deactivation

*90   Call Forwarding Busy Activation

*91   Call Forwarding Busy Deactivation

*92   Call Forwarding No Answer Activation

*93   Call Forwarding No Answer Deactivation

*67   Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking per Call

*65   Calling Line ID Delivery per Call

*68   Call Park

*88   Call Park Retrieve

*98   Call Pickup

*69   Call Return

*70   Cancel Call Waiting

*99   Clear Voice Message Waiting Indicator

*57   Customer Originated Trace

*97   Directed Call Pickup

*33   Directed Call Pickup with Barge-in

*55   Direct Voice Mail Transfer

*78   Do Not Disturb Activation

*79   Do Not Disturb Deactivation

*22   Flash Call Hold

*66   Last Number Redial

*60   Music On Hold Per-Call Deactivation

*71   Per Call Account Code

*75   Speed Dial 100

*74   Speed Dial 8

*47   Sustained Authorization Code Activation (calls unlocking)

*37   Sustained Authorization Code Deactivation (calls locking)

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