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FireFox issue – “Site uses a security protocol which isn’t enabled”

In some FireFox browsers  the E Street Server Control Panel will not load and you will see an error that says: 

“FireFox can’t connect securely to [site url] because the site uses a security protocol which isn’t enabled.”


Solution: FireFox 2.x by default has quite a few SSL versions and modes set to “false” and turned off.  You need to enable them to access certain secured (SSL enabled) sites.   For E Street Server Control Panels that give you this message, go to the FireFox config and reset a couple SSL config values.

In the browser address bar type “about:config” and [Enter].

In the “Filter” line you will look for configs; “security.ssl2.rc4_128” and “security.enable_ssl2”

go to each of those configs and double click the line to set “Value” to “true”.

This should fix that dialog from popping up.  If you are experiencing this on a site other than an E Street Server Control Panel, you may need to enable security configs by process of elimination to find out which needs to be enabled.

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