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How to set Date & Time on a Sipura VoIP adapter

To Set the Date and Time on a Sipura:

On the phone that you have connected to your Sipura, enter **** and then when you hear the prompt for a command enter 110#. Write down the IP address that the system tells you. This is the IP address of the Sipura.

Then, in your web browser, enter that IP address as the address you want to go to. It will display a “Sipura” page.

The easiest way to set the time is to set the NTP servers. Log in and go to the Admin login and the switch to “Advanced”. Go to the “System” tab and at the very bottom you have “Primary NTP Server” and “Secondary NTP Server”. You can use any of these IP’s:

To set the time manually:

When in the Sipura, click on “Admin Login” on the top right and then click the “Regional” tab.

Scroll to the very bottom and you will see:

“Set Local Date (mm/dd):”

“Set Local Time (HH/mm):”

“Time Zone:”

Enter the date and time as appropriate and then enter GMT -07:00 for the Time Zone.

Lastly click “Submit All Changes”

That should set the correct time and date in the Sipura.

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