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Recording announcements and auto attendants with Voice Pilot Hosted systems

These instructions are for E Street Voice Pilot Hosted products:

Did you know – you can use your phone to record multiple Auto Attendants and various announcements for your phone system?  For instance, announcements for things like; Auto-Attendant business hours, after hours, holidays, inclement weather, or even spur of the moment announcements. Below are the steps to record plus some Auto Attendant functions for your announcements and a sample Auto Attendant script*.


Here is how to record and then have E Street post the announcement in your E Street Voice Pilot HOSTED phone system:


Go to your Voicemail **:
To access Voice Mail from your desk phone:
Press the “Messages” button
or dial “*86”
Enter your passcode (followed by the “#” key)To access Voice Mail from an outside phone:
Call yourself (dial your 10-digit number or main# then extension)
Enter “*” upon hearing your Voice Mail greeting
Enter your passcode (followed by the “#” key)(**If you have not yet setup your voicemail on the system – go here.)

Press the * key
Follow the prompts
To record a new announcement press 5” then “to record an audio announcement press 1
Record your announcement.
Press the # key when done recording.
The system will play back your recording then prompt you to:
Press “1” to save, press “2” to delete and record again. That’s it – you’re done recording.

Last Step – Drop a note to E Street support that you have recorded your new announcement.

Let us know your extension, the date/time you made your recording, and any additional instructions you may have with it.

E Street engineers will confirm and make the recording live for you.


* Here are some functions that are possible within the Auto Attendant:

  • You can have separate Business Hours and After Hours messages.
  • From inside the Auto Attendant message, callers can dial the extension of the person they are calling to be connected directly to them
  • If the caller doesn’t know the extension, they can press an option for a directory where they enter the person’s first or last name to be connected.
  • A caller can be transferred to an “Operator”
  • You can program keys 0-9, * and # to transfer to any extension or phone number even if the phone number is outside of your VoIP system.
  • You can have the message repeated by pressing a key

* Here is a sample script for an Auto Attendant. This is of course just an example and we can help you work out the details of your own script:

“Hello and thanks for calling ABC Company. If you know the extension of the person you are calling, you may enter it at any time.
For a company directory, press 1.
For sales, press 2.
For support press 3.
For billing, press 3.
If this is an emergency and you would like to page our on-call support technician, press 4.
To speak with an operator, press 0. To repeat this message, press *.

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