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Have you scheduled your monthly IT checkup?

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Have you scheduled your monthly IT checkup?... If you’re like most companies, you may have fallen into a break/fix pattern when it comes to IT. It’s easy to ignore computer and communication systems when everything’s running smoothly. But when a system goes down, or hardware fails, you’re immediately in a fire drill, which can critically impact business.

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Recent Ransomware threats and IT checkups keep your business running

Ransomware AND OTHER RECENT threats -Schedule E Street Tech Services visit

Real Scenario: One-day you boot up your laptop or office desktop expecting to see your normal screens and applications …and instead… you see a big read lock icon or other image demanding you pay $500 to an unknown party in the next 24-hours, or all your files will be irrevocably lost. Welcome to the world of “ransomware,” the latest method criminals are using to pull cash from the pockets of innocent victims and using it to fund other clandestine operations.

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4 Precautions for Migrating to the Cloud

4 Precautions for Moving to Cloud Computing

There’s no doubt that the ubiquitous “cloud” is where all business computing is going these days. This universally accessible technology is the new standard, from corporate America down to mom-and-pop shops.However, the problem E Street sees far too often is businesses getting sold on the marketing hype around do-it-yourself cloud-based products and services.

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3 Ways Digital Voice Will Enhance Your Business

3 Ways Digital Voice will Enahnce your Business

If communication is the cornerstone of your business (and, really, in what business isn’t it?) you can no longer afford to overlook digital voice.  Digital voice (voice over IP) is simply the most modern means of delivering voice and multimedia over the Internet. But as simple as it sounds, its benefits are profound. 

Unlike a wired, analog phone system, such as PBX, which relies on electric voltage running over a piece of copper, digital voice uses the same data-network technology you do to surf the Web.

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    Proactive support is to identifying and resolving issues before they become problems. Best case... this is solving problems before our customers even realize they exist.
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