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Phishing attacks are real and a significant threat

Phishing attacks are real and a significant threat!

PHISHING is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

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Advantages of E Street Colocation

E Street Colocation

When it comes time to setup software services and a server for your company, colocation with a reputable data center offers a lot of advantages. It's easy enough to throw a server into an unused closet and call it a day...


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Why Your Security Strategy Matters More Than Ever

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From a security standpoint, today just about everything in business is compromised. As virus and malware creators and hackers have gotten more sophisticated, nothing, it seems, is off limits. That means every email your employees open, every website they visit and every file they share creates risk for your company. And usually it’s only a matter of minutes before an entire system is commandeered...


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Web Design - Is your website due for a refit?

Is your website due for a refit?

Most companies these days have a website, but to make it effective it needs to look attractive and modern, meet users expectations, and be secure. Even if your website was all of these things when it was built, it can quickly get out of date. To help you decide if its time for a refit, here are some things to consider....


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Why E Street?

  • Our Proactive Support +

    Proactive support is to identifying and resolving issues before they become problems. Best case... this is solving problems before our customers even realize they exist.
  • Our Experience +

    E Street's 20+ years in the business means we provide no-nonsense flexible, scalable solutions that work for your organization.
  • Our Resources +

    With products that range from basic to complex hosting, and our unmatched telephony expertise backed by our own enterprise-grade data center means the right solution for our clients.
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