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E Street Spam & Virus Filter Overview

What is it?
The E Street Spam & Virus Filter (powered by E Street) is an email firewall/spam filter that screens your email for spam, spyware, and viruses BEFORE they reach your inbox. The E Street Spam & Virus Filter is included on all “@estreet.com” email accounts and is available as an add-on for private domain name owners (@yourdomain.com).

Email represents the single critical utility of today’s companies driving productivity, efficiency and cost savings. Unfortunately, bundled within its many advantages are significant threats which have the capacity to destroy your network and incur serious legal and financial repercussions for you and your business. The simple act of opening an email or clicking a link can release payloads of viruses which apart from demolishing your networks internal structures, can also unleash devastating consequences for your clients by fulfilling their basic viral nature; that of spreading secretly from one computer to another with malicious intent.

Key Facts:

  • ’91 % of all data breaches start with a phishing email’ (Research conducted by PHISHMe)
  • ‘60% percent of ransomware is still distributed via email’

Blocking those malicious emails is essential. Spam email represents the biggest threat to organizations. E Street Spam and Virus filter (powered by E Street) is a highly effective spam filtering solution for enterprises and SMBs, that blocks more than 99.9% of spam email, preventing phishing emails, malware, and ransomware from reaching employees’ inboxes.


How does it work?
Once the E Street Spam & Virus Filter is enabled, your mail is screened by advanced algorithms. Any messages containing viruses or malware are blocked outright and the remaining mail is either:

  • Allowed: Mail is delivered to your mailbox.
  • Quarantined: The Quarantine holds messages that are potentially spam for you to check as needed.

Accessing the Quarantine:
If you are having trouble accessing your spam and virus filter quarantine, see this article: https://estreet.com/knowledge-base/accessing-the-e-street-spam-and-virus-firewall/

Each email address has its own quarantine and web-based control panel available at mailgate1.estreet.com You can manage messages in the quarantine from this interface and adjust the settings for your spam & virus filters as needed (screenshots of the quarantine / web-based control panel are below).

Each day the E Street Spam & Virus Filter will send you a “Quarantine Report” with a list of the messages that are currently in your quarantine. From the notification message you can:

  • Deliver: Delivers the message to your email inbox
  • Allow: Delivers the message to your inbox AND adds the sender address to your whitelist to always allow future messages from that sender
  • Delete: Deletes the message from the quarantine
  • View: Allows you to view the message from the spam filter control panel before choosing to deliver the message to your inbox

For extra tips see the article: Spam & Virus Filtering Additional Tips and Details

More Message Quarantine Details:

  • Your message quarantine lists all messages that have been blocked as suspected spam or that contain a virus.
  • To search for a particular message select the Search Filters tab and enter the specified search criteria. By default all quarantined messages are displayed order by score – the lower the score the less spammy the message is and the higher the possibility that it may be a false positive – ie not spam.
  • To filter the search by Date select the Date Range button and specify and starting and ending date range.
  • To filter on a particular sender and/or recipient enter a full email address in the Sender and/or Recipient fields respectively.
  • Results can be Sorted by Score, Date, or Sender in Ascending or Descending order.
  • You can Review a Quarantined Email by clicking on the email to be reviewed. The email contents will open in a seperate window. Note: All images in the reviewed message will be blocked to prevent possible inappropriate content. If a message is subsequently to be delivered to your inbox then original images will be present.
  • If a message has been incorrectly specified as spam you can release it and have it delivered to your mailbox by clicking on the Deliver link for that message. This will automatically forward the message to your email account.
  • To add the from email address to your allow list, click the Allow button. The email address is added to your list of Approved Senders and the message is also delivered to your mailbox.
  • To delete a message immediately from your quarantine click the Delete link.
  • To Release Multilpe Entries, select the checkbox in front of each email to be released/delivered and the click the Deliver button at the top of the screen.
  • The procedure is similar if you want to allow or delete multiple emails.

    Note: You may perform wildcard searches on recipient/sender fields by using an asterisk. e.g If you use ‘*@example.com’ as the Recipient email address filter, then this would find all users in the example.com domain.
    Warning: Performing very broad searches such as ‘*a*’ may fail with a ‘memory exhaustion’ error. If this is the case, then please use a more narrow search.
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