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I have a Joomla! CMS site – how do I edit my website pages?

Site owners with Joomla! CMS (Content Management System) websites have a
powerful tool to edit their web pages and add dynamic content to their sites.
Attached below is a quick tutorial on editing “Articles” in Joomla CMS.

Other resources for common solutions in Joomla are:

  • YouTube is a great resource for instructional videos with

    Go here
  • Images can sometimes trip up folks when they are adding them
    in their sites –

    see this KB article
    on editing images.
  • For a quick tutorial on what Joomla is, links to main Joomla
    online resources and adding E-Commerce components to Joomla see

    this KB Article

To edit your “Pages” (Joomla calls them “Articles”) this should help:

First login to your Joomla CMS admin (if you do not know this login contact
Street support

From the Admin Home Page select “Article Manager” to
go to your “pages” in the site:

Select the Article (page) you would like to edit to bring up
Joomla’s editor.  Use the editing interface to customize text, page
formatting, add images etc:

When saving your work in Joomla always remember to use one of
the “save” buttons in the upper right of the editor:

  • Save – Saves the current article and
    keeps on the page for more editing
  • Save & Close – Saves the current
    article and brings you back to the Article list
  • Close – Exits the editor and brings
    you back to Article List WITHOUT saving anything you did.
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