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Creating Web Users on Plesk servers

Web users

Creating a Web User allows you to give someone access to a specific folder in your website directories. This folder can be used to create a new website or for transferring and sharing files securely. This same folder can also ONLY be accessed by using the Web User login information. By logging in as a Web User you will have no access to any other folders or directories.  

To create a Web User:

1. Log into your Plesk control panel

2. Click on “Domains” and then on the domain name you wish to add the web user to

3. Click on the ‘Web Users’ icon located in the ‘Hosting’ section

4. Click ‘Add New Web User’

5. Enter Web User name, a password, and confirm the password

6. Click ‘OK’

If using an FTP client to access the web user folder, you will need to enter the web user login information when logging in. 

You can also access the web user folder through a browser (ex. Inernet Explorer, Safari). To do this, you need to enter a web address into the browser’s address bar. The web address will be in this format: 


Here’s an example:

– domain name – estreet.com

– Web Username – john

– Web user password – lucky1

If the above was your information, you would be able to access the web user folder by using this address:


To view the web user page in a browser, just enter the following in your address bar:


*Note the ‘~’ before the web username

To access files from a web user folder from a browser, just add the file name to the end:


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