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Best Free and Public DNS Servers

What are Free and Public DNS Servers?

DNS servers are very important, not only for your internet services to function correctly, but also for general performance of your connection.

DNS translates the friendly domain name you enter into a browser (e.g.: www.estreet.com) into the public IP address or “location” of the asset you are trying to communicate with.

Typically your ISP automatically assign DNS servers when your device or router connects to the internet, but you don’t have to use the DNS server they provide.  For many reasons, you may want or need to use alternative ones.

Attached below are the top Free and Public DNS Servers you can use to increase speed performance and even security.

DNS Provider:  Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server
OpenDNS Home

For editing DNS in your operating system see This Article.

If you have any questions about how these DNS servers can be used for your application or Internet access, contact E Street support


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