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How do I transfer domains to the E Street registrar?

Not only can you acquire your new domains here within your E Street account, but you can transfer in your existing domains as well.

The advantages; maintain your domains along with your service plans here at E Street, we provide control panel access to your domains to edit and maintain settings, and E Street provides automated renewal notifications for your domains as well.


How does the process work? To transfer a domain from another registrar to the E Street registrar, you need to address the following;

1. gain access to the domain at the current registrar – if you do not know where the domain is currently registered or you need some guidance on how to get started on getting access to it, contact us and we’ll help https://supportportal.estreet.com

2. the domain must be “unlocked” for transfers. This is a setting at most registrars that prevents unauthorized transfers. Domains are usually locked by default.

3. the “administrative contact” for the domain must have a valid Email address you have access to, or ideally set it to “webmaster@estreet.com” temporarily for the transfer process.

4. you need the transfer “authorization code” for the domain. This is provided by the current registrar – the code allows an intra-registrar transfer to go through and transfers will not happen without it.


Once those items are set …E Street will initiate the domain transfer on your behalf.
Upon submittal a message will come will come in to the “administrative contact” Email – it looks like this:

(#img transfer1_email.jpg#)

Click the link in the Email and you will get an E Street transfer confirmation web page that looks like this:

(#img transfer1.jpg#)

Click on the “I Approve” and “Submit”:

(#img transfer2.jpg#)

If you get this far the domain transfer should go through within 1-5 days. E Street will send a final confirmation when the domain transfer has successfully completed.

NOTE: SOMETIMES…. the Registrar you are transferring “from” may send messages as well to confirm the transfer away. Keep an eye out for those, read the message carefully – often they are confusing and by clicking links in them, they may prevent the transfer from going through.

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