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Does E Street offer Website Marketing – Publishing – Submission Services?

E Street’s Web Publishing services are closed indefinitely. The service is being evaluated for possible re-integration in the future. Until then we are referring customers to some other providers and methods for search engine placement. Attached below are some marketing companies and tools, plus some marketing tips for your site. “CoastalSites” is the most advanced solution of those listed and one of the only “guaranteed” services we have seen (also quite expensive), and “WorldSubmit” is the most basic. The software solutions listed are programs you can purchase yourself to perform search engine ranking.

WorldSubmit https://www.worldsubmit.com
Offering low priced plans for basic submissions, this company has good reviews and very affordable rates. We recommend a repeat submission package with the most popular engines.

CoastalSites https://www.coastalsites.com
This service is one of the few that offers “money back guarantees” for its publishing services. With this service you purchase “engine placement” meaning they set a $ value for each top 10 ranking achieved (1st page), and a $ value for any ranking achieved between 11 and 20 (2nd page). You pay for only your rankings and they say if you don’t get listed you don’t pay.

WebPosition Gold https://www.webposition.com
This is the software used by serious search engine placement companies. It is the top-of-the line suite of applications for submission and continuing analysis of your search engine placement. Highly recommended for folks serious about search engine marketing.

AddWeb https://www.cyberspacehq.com/products/AddWeb
Here is a inexpensive tool that does an OK job submitting sites AddWeb is a software website submission and publishing tool. Its not a bad tool for a site owner to have in their arsenal – setup the profile and submit it every couple months or so. Beware though, blank – constant submittals will probably hurt your ranking more than help it.

Promoting your site is crucial to generate traffic and sales leads. Taking a synergistic approach usually works best, meaning you will want to use a combination of online and offline promotional activities to build traffic and awareness. Attached below are some tips to help you market your site successfully.
Online Promotion:
REGISTER WITH SEARCH ENGINES. With 85% of Web surfers finding sites to visit through the use of search engines and directories it is important that your site be one of the choices.
PREPARE YOUR SITE: Before you register with search engines or use a submission service make sure your site is properly prepared for linking, such as including the correct tags, titles, keywords etc.
REQUEST LINKS from complementary sites. A good place to start is with associations, clubs and professional organizations you belong to that also have Web sites. Requesting strategic links from Web sites is common practice and you will find that if you draft an email and send it to a site requesting a reciprocal link, the response is generally favorable. Spend time using newsgroups and Usenet finding discussion groups that pertain to the content on your Web Site.
USE YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS on everything you do. When responding to topics you find reference your Web site address.
BANNER ADVERTISING on other Web sites that your target customers use can bring traffic to your site. Rates vary from site to site as do the minimum impression number. Many search engines serve ads based upon the keyword a surfer inputs for a query which targets your target market effectively but may cost a bit more. Encourage communication with your customers by making it easy for them to contact you by email, fax, phone or visiting your physical store or offices.
USE MAILING LISTS. Capture and communicate with your visitors by giving them the opportunity to join a mailing list. Having an opt in mailing list is much more effective than spam as the recipient wants the information Share your expertise, offer specials and announce new product/services by emailing a regularly scheduled newsletter. A mailing list may be only a small list handled by your email program or a full featured “List Serve” that handles thousands of names. Contact your E Street representative for mailing list services.
NOMINATE YOUR SITE FOR AWARDS. Winning an award can boost traffic and help build creditability.
CHANGE YOUR SITE CONTENT FREQUENTLY. Keeping something new on the site will encourage visitors to return to your site. Changing content will also assist with search engine listings, as some search engines will drop sites if the content does not change periodically.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE block with an enticing offer and hyperlink can also generate additional traffic.

Direct Marketing:
USE YOUR WEB ADDRESS. As you re-order business collateral (business cards, letterhead, invoice forms, envelopes) add your Web address. Reference your Web address on everything you do… your phone system messages, whether it is an hold greeting or voice mail greeting etc. Add your Web address to all advertising, such as print ads, radio or TV spots.
OFFER REASONS TO VISIT YOUR SITE. Running online promotions, contests and sending regularly scheduled newsletters are all effective ways that generate repeat traffic to your site.
PRESS RELEASES can be a very effective way to boost traffic and awareness for the site and your company. Issue press releases as you pass milestones. This may be the signing of a large partnership or product/service announcement.

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