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Dreamweaver is unable to verify time on the remote server

If you are using Dreamweaver to synchronize content on one of our Linux based servers, you may receive the error ‘unable to verify time on the remote server’.

The cause of the error is due to a permissions problem. Dreamweaver is trying to write a file in the root directory of your site, which doesn’t allow directories or files to be created.

There isn’t a way for Dreamweaver to know what the server time is (there is no command in FTP to do this) so it gets around it by trying to write a folder to the server and then getting the date back for when the folder was created. Dreamweaver tries to create the folder in the default login directory.

On Plesk powered servers, the default login takes you to the root of the site, which doesn’t allow the creation of any files or directories. If you specify the initial login directory as ‘httpdocs’ (which does allow the creating of files and directories,) this resolves the error.

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