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Features of an E Street private mail server

If you have hosting with your own private domain name (yourdomain.com), by default you have access to very powerful mail server features for your domain.  Your E Street Web Hosting private mail server provides you with many advanced Email features.  Attached below are highlights of your mail server features at the administrative level and capabilities for your sub-user accounts.  

 – Browser-based Mail server control panel – (full admin and sub-user admin functions)

 – Standard POP3 Mailboxes – (standard POP accounts)

 – Unlimited Email Aliases – (an “alias” is simply another name your account answers for)

 – Unlimited “Redirects” – (mail forwards to other email address somewhere**)

 – Unlimited “Auto-Responders” – (auto-response message such as an “Out of office” reply with optional text attachments enabled)

 – Unlimited “Mail Groups” – (address distributes to a group of Email addresses**)

 – Web-based E-mail client – (https://webmail.yourdomain.com allows web browser access from any Internet connected computer)

 – Online Help – (click the “HELP” button in the lower right hand corner for help functions)

 – Password Retrieval – (control panel will send current password to mail account)


To access your Mail Server Control Panel go to your server control panel address with your username and password*.  To lookup your mail account settings see: 


*   (administrators login, click on your domain name and then “MAIL” for full admin)

   (mail account users login with email address and Mail account password for admin)


** NOTE: For unlimited “Groups” and “Redirects” private domain owners must have E Street Spam & Virus Firewall enabled for the domain. For more info on E Street’s Spam & Virus Filtering – contact your E Street representative. 

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