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How do I view my server stats?

E Street offers default server statistic in all standard hosting plans and Advanced Server Statistics are reporting are available as an add-on to your plan as well. Advanced Stats are given private URL’s – (Contact E Street Support For an example of these types of stats.)

Viewing default server stats can vary by platform and stats program version but normally the convention is:

Linux Webalizer:
http ://[yourdomain.com]/plesk-stat/webstat/ (for web stats)
http ://[yourdomain.com]/plesk-stat/ftpstat/ (for ftp stats)
http ://[yourdomain.com]/plesk-stat/webstat-ssl/ (for SSL stats if enabled)

Windows Server Stats:
See your Server Control panel:
https ://clients [your CP number] .estreet.com:8443/

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