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How does Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) Pricing work?

E Street Cloud servers offer full root level administration, with essentially unlimited resources for your web site, applications, and overall cloud environment. Cloud Virtual rivate Servers are Pay as you Go, and with your user-friendly administration control panel you can dial up (or down) resources for your VPS and pay only for what you use – but still have the ability to scale to your needs. This means you can add/edit/delete VPS’s, temporarily ramp up resources if needed, or even turn off VPS’s at any time.

  • How are Cloud Servers billed?
    A cloud server’s resources are billed HOURLY allowing owners to dynamically scale resources to their needs.
  • Can I Control Resources?
    Yes! Cloud Server owners can scale active resources such as CPU’s, Disk Space, Memory and more via their control panel.
  • Are IP addresses and DNS included?Yes, each VPS includes 1 IP, additional IP’s $2/mo/IP, with E Street DNS management included.
  • How does bandwidth work?Incoming Data to your cloud server is FREE. For Outgoing Data, your first 5GB/mo is INCLUDED and additional is billed at $0.18 per GB with UNLIMITED Data Transfer.
  • Will I be billed if my server is powered off?
    No. Cloud Servers in an “Off” state are not billed for active resources, they are only billed for their storage ($0.10 /GB/mo).
  • Can I get a ‘Managed’ Cloud Server?
    Yes. Ideal for server owners not familiar with server administration. INCLUDES your Plesk Parallels™ Plesk server control panel.

See E Street Web Hosting for more info and ordering your Cloud VPS.


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