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How can I get access to colocation cabinet resources (power strips, Netbotz devices)

E Street colocation services are outfitted with devices for remote power monitoring and application control. Facilities support NetBotz* open source hardware and software as well.

To control devices, Download and install the Client below (for Windows Operating Systems – Contains an installer executable that creates shortcuts, links, and adds an entry to Add/Remove Programs.)

Contact E Street Support https://supportportal.estreet.com for your access info, ports and authentication for this utility.

*NetBotz are open source software data center appliances and applications for data center monitoring equipment. The BotzWare Web Service APIs are available on all NetBotz Model 320, 420 and 500 appliances running BotzWare V2.2.2 or later.

Find out more:

The BotzWare Web Services Toolkit includes the following:
* Full documentation of the NetBotz Web Service APIs
* WSDL (Web Services Description Language) for each of the defined interfaces
* Example code (currently for Visual C#, Visual C++.NET and Visual Basic.NET)

Web Services Toolkit Examples
The following are some examples of how developers and customers can utilize NetBotz Web Services to integrate NetBotz appliances into their IT environment:

1. Querying NetBotz sensor readings for temperature, humidity and airflow from multiple NetBotz appliances and posting all this information on a simple easy to view web page.
2. Registering to receive NetBotz sensor alarms and then automatically creating alerts in a problem or ticket management system.
3. Programmatically adding or deleting the userids on NetBotz appliances for new employees or departing employees
4. Querying the current camera picture from various appliances and inserting these images into a custom database or web pages.

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