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How to add a new domain name for hosting in your VPS

The following instructions describe domain name setup for E Street Virtual Private Servers (VPS) customers using their Plesk Server Administrator (PSA).  The setup instructions may be slightly different for your VPS but should be similar (the following steps are written for version 7).  Contact support@estreet.com if you are having trouble.


STEP 1 – Register the domain at https://accountinfo.estreet.com or your preferred registrar.


STEP 2 – Point the domains to your DNS servers at the registrar.  Some VPS customers use E Street DNS and some use their own DNS servers.  You need to know what name servers to reference for your domain at the registrar.  The default E Street name servers are “ns1.estreet.com” and “ns2.estreet.com”.  (NOTE: all VPS customers have the option of setting their own name servers and running their own DNS – contact E Street support if you would like to use this option.)  Changes to name servers at the registrar level may take 24-48 hours to propagate worldwide.


STEP 3 – Setup the domain in PSA. Login to your VPS PSA control panel. In the left navigation pane click ‘DOMAINS” which takes you to the page that lists all the domains hosted in the system.  (You may want to setup the “Domain Templates” function which allows creating and managing domain templates, designed to simplify creation of new domains by assigning preset domain-level settings.)  To create a new domain, click “Add New Domain”.

  – Selecting a Client. You need to select the client you wish to create the domain for. Select the radio button corresponding to the necessary client account, and click OK.  (If you are already in a clients particular domain list click “Add New Domain”)

  – Enter the name of the new domain in the “Domain name” field.  The WWW checkbox, when checked, indicates that the “www” prefix can be used when addressing the domain as well as the domain name by itself. If it is unchecked, then the domain can only be referenced by its name without the “www” prefix.

  – Select an IP address from the drop-down list – you will select the “shared” IP address unless you have a specific need for a dedicated IP setup for this domain.

  – Check (or leave checked) the “Proceed to hosting” setup checkbox if you wish to set up hosting for the domain after it is created.


STEP 4 – Setup Hosting for the domain.  PSA will now ask what type of setup for the domain: Choose “Physical hosting” to create a virtual host for the domain. Choose “Standard forwarding” to forward the domain URL to another domain. (NOTE with this setting the address line of the web browser will change to the URL of the domain being forwarded to.)  Choose “Frame forwarding” to create a single frame in which the destination URL will be the source. NOTE with this setting the address of the original domain will be seen in the address line of the web browser.)

 – For “Physical hosting domains” you will next be sent to the setup page for all the hosting setup options, FTP username, MS FrontPage setup etc.  Click on “Help” in the left pane navigation for details on each of these setup options.


STEP 5 – Restart Apache.  Click on “Server” in the left pane navigation then “Service Management”.  Click the button icon to restart Apache (Web Service) and if you are doing your own DNS within your VPS also restart the DNS Server (BIND).

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