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Root directories in a Plesk server

When your website is hosted on a Plesk powered server, you will see the following root folders when you log into your site via FTP:


The folders are used for the following things:

anon_ftp: If your account has anonymous ftp setup, this folder is used to store incoming files and those that are available for download. Inside this folder are other folders used to manage anonymous ftp, including the ‘incoming’ directory which is used to allow anonymous uploads, and the ‘pub’ directory where anonymous download files are kept.

bin: contains server program functions used to run your website. You do not have access to this folder.

cert: contains the certificate used for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) web pages

cgi-bin: you can place your Perl and PHP scripts in this directory for maximum security of the scripts. Scripts places in this directory cannot be called directly, thus protecting them from unauthorized use.

error_docs: contains error pages that are returned when the server encounters problems. By default, these pages are not returned, but you can request we enable the use of these pages. When enabled, you can customize the pages to the look and feel of your site.

httpdocs: where all the html files and graphics are stored for a site.

httpsdocs: where are secure content for your site should go. Unless you have an SSL certificate installed for your site, pages put into this directory will not be secure.

pd: contains control files for protected directories. You do not have access to this.

statistics: contains the files necessary to keep statistics for your site. You do not have access to this directory

web_users: contains the directories for any web users setup for the site.

Some servers may have different versions of Plesk running and the root directory structure may not contain all of these directories.

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