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Securing a WordPress site with SSL

If you install an SSL certificate on a WordPress website there are additional steps are required to configure WordPress to run with SSL (HTTPS).  Below we’ve included information on how to configure WordPress to work with SSL and webmaster help is available as well ­so just contact us at support@estreet.com if you’d like our help.


Enabling HTTPS in WordPress:

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Roll your mouse over Settings in the navigation menu, then click “General”

3. In the WordPress Address (URL) field, enter the “https” version of your web address.

4. Enter the “https” version of your web address in the Site Address (URL) field.

5. Click the “Save Changes” button on the bottom.


*Depending on your WordPress version and configuration, even after setting your WordPress URLand SiteURL, you may still experience SSL errors within your site.

We recommend installing and configuring the WordPress plugin “Really Simple SSL” to address SSL (HTTPS) errors within WordPress:

Really Simple SSL

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