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Unable to see home page after publishing your website

Some users may report inability to see their home page when publishing on the servers. There are a number of reasons this may occur:

– Published to wrong folder. For any website to be served it must be in the “httpdocs” folder on your server. If the user published to anything other than this folder, the site cannot be seen.

– Default file loading order. The original default document on the server is typically named “index.html” the server will look for “index.html, index.htm, default.htm index.html, default.html”, in that order. If the doc is default.html it will not load until “index.html” is removed. We encourage using one default file naming convention and remove other default files.

– E Street recommends the “Ws_FTP” or “Filezilla FTP client for PC users and “Fetch” or Transmit FTP for the Mac… although there are many good FTP programs. These programs allow users to navigate the directory structure of their local machine and the remote server as needed. To obtain versions of these programs see: https://support.estreet.com and “Downloads” or “Internet Software” or go here: https://kb.estreet.com/article.lasso?article=460

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