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Using your website to send large attachments

Sending large files through email is problematic and unreliable. However, there is way to avoid the hassle of sending large files by using extra disk space from your hosting account.

This will only work if you have extra space available; if you’re already at your limit for disk space doing this will put you over your limit.

First you’ll want to get into your main web directory and create a new directory. You can name the directory whatever you like, but try to make it something easy to identify. For example, if you’re uploading pictures into a directory you might want to name it “Pictures”.

Once you have the directory created, you’ll then want to upload the file or files you wish to transfer into your new directory. Once uploaded, the file can be downloaded by simply sending a link to the file.

To create a link to the file, first type your full website URL (ex. – https://www.estreet.com) followed by the directory name, then followed by the file name:

Example: https://www.estreet.com/pictures/pic1

Now that you have a link to send, all you have to do is type the full link in an email, and when the recipient clicks on the link, the file will automatically download.

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