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Benefits of using VoIP Call Recording

The E Street VoicePilot VoIP platform is very flexible and feature rich. Call Recording & Archiving is built in to the system. This feature can be enabled by E Street. Depending on the client’s needs, there may or may not be an additional charge for service.

  1. Compliance: Call recording and archiving can help companies comply with legal and regulatory requirements, such as recording calls for financial services and healthcare organizations.
  2. Dispute resolution: Call recordings can be used as evidence in resolving disputes or complaints.
  3. Training: Call recordings can be used as a training tool to help employees develop and improve their communication skills.
  4. Performance evaluation: Call recordings can be used to evaluate the performance of employees and identify areas for improvement.
  5. Quality control: Call recording can be used to monitor and improve the quality of customer service and sales interactions.
  6. Analytics: Call recording and archiving can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.
  7. Knowledge retention: Call recording and archiving can serve as a valuable resource for employees, allowing them to access past customer interactions and use them to inform future interactions.
  8. Increased efficiency: By having a record of customer interactions, businesses can more efficiently handle customer inquiries and reduce the time spent resolving issues.
  9. Business continuity: Call recording and archiving can ensure that important customer interactions are not lost in the event of a system failure or other unexpected event.


Contact E Street Support for more information or to enable this feature for your account.

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