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E Street Voice Pilot and using a VPN service

By default and for security reasons E Street restricts access to our voice platform (E Street Voice Pilot https://www.estreet.com/voice) to primarily US based IP addresses.  As a result login to your telephony devices may fail from foreign countries.


There is a solution however by using a VPN service.  A VPN will tunnel an Internet connection as if it is an Internet connection based in the US and will enable E Street Voice Pilot for your Communicator GO app or Communicator softphone on your computer.

Examples of VPNs are “PIA” https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/
or “NordVPN” https://nordvpn.com/ is another.

Other top rated VPN services:


You would just install that VPN on your mobile device, then connect to any US based VPN site (some of them even have a Denver, CO USA locations). Once connected, you’d then start your Communicator Go app on your mobile device and/or Communicator softphone on your computer and you should be able to make and receive calls like normal.

By doing this it makes you look like you are connecting from the United States. PLUS, it encrypts all of your Internet traffic adding an extra layer of security and certainty.

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