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How to test DSL download speeds

Testing your DSL download speed can be done by going to any one of several test sites that exist on the Internet. The problem with this is that your download test will be subject to general Internet traffic. We all know that this can cause vastly different results from time to time.

To do a better test of your actual circuit, we have set up a test site for our DSL customers. This is important for troubleshooting connection issues and for verifying that you are actually getting the speed you pay for. 

Remember however that this test will only give you a snapshot picture of your speed. It is still subject to circuit trouble, load on our server and general load on our internal network.

In your browser, go to:


If you still want to test your download speed from a site that is actually off of our network, try the various speed testers available from DSLReports for this. One of them should work for you:


Here is another good source for speed tests:



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