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Configuring your Actiontec DSL modem for wireless

To configure your Actiontec DSL modem for wireless internet access, follow these instructions:

1. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)

2. Type (www is not required) in the address field 

3. Press Enter and the Actiontec modem configuration page will appear

4. Click  ‘Setup / Configuration’

5. Select ‘Advanced Setup’ in the left column

6. Select ‘Begin Advanced Setup’ 

7. Select ‘Wireless Settings’ in the left column

8. Make sure ‘Wireless’ setting is set to ‘On’.** 

9. Select Save and Restart in the left column

After your DSL modem finishes rebooting, the ‘Wireless’ light should be solid green. Once the wireless light is solid green your Actiontec DSL modem is a “base station”  and ready for wireless internet access.

There is no ONE way to properly configure your computer for wireless access due to different operating systems and many different types of wireless cards.* 

 However, most of the time your computer will automatically detect the wireless connection as long as you have a wireless card properly installed in your computer.


*Due to these factors, we do not support the wireless card set up for your computer. However, we will  try to answer any questions you may have regarding wireless set up.

**  NOTE ON SECURITY!  IMPORTANT There are several options in setting wireless protocols and enhanced wireless security features.  Many folks don’t know that by default wireless networks are “open” meaning anyone who receives the signal is given a “node” within your Local Network.  This is less than optimal for security reasons.  When you first set your network up  – you may wish to set it with lower restrictions to make sure it works ….but then you should lock it down. We recommend ALWAYS set encryption (we recommend some version of “WPA” security) and close your network. Other tips are to not broadcast the SSID so the network is not seen, also set MAC addresses to only allow certain pieces of hardware to access the node.

To SET WPA Security on an Actiontec:

   1.  On a computer connected to the Modem, open a Web browser and enter in the Address text box.

   2. When the Main Menu screen appears, select Setup/Configuration.

   3. When the Set Up/Configuration screen appears, select Advanced Setup.

   4. In the next screen, click Begin Advanced Setup.

   5. When the Configuring the Advanced Settings screen appears, select Wireless Settings.

   6. In the Wireless Settings screen activate On (next to Wireless), and enter the ESSID and Channel values in the appropriate text boxes.

   7. At the bottom of the screen, activate WPA (next to Security).

   8. The Wireless WPA Settings screen appears. There are two levels of WPA. We recommend that you use “PSK (Pre-Shared Key)”. The Group Key Interval, Server IP Address, Port, and Secret text boxes, along with the 802.1x radio button, are enterprise network specific, and should only be accessed by experienced information systems professional. 

To set up a PSK (Pre-Shared Key):

   1. Click in the circle next to PSK String.

   2. Then enter at least eight alphanumeric characters in the text box.

      Note: All wireless-enabled devices must support WPA and know the PSK to join the network.

   3. When finished, click Save and Restart. 

   4.  Your wireless connectivity device software should prompt for the WPA eight alphanumeric character passphrase you entered in the Actiontec to get connected. 

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