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DSL FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(* This Article is for historical reference – E Street no longer provides end-user residential DSL Internet access solutions.  Contact E Street support for up to date solutions and options.)

What is DSL?
A Modem-Based Technology which provides faster, always on, broadband
Internet access through an existing phone line:
With E Street Digital Subscriber Line
(DSL) solutions, there’s no need to purchase an additional line to get
high-speed access to the Internet. DSL works with the existing phone
The DSL modem and splitter connected to the existing phone
line separate voice signals from high-speed data. The connection to the
Internet is a direct, permanent connection, eliminating the typical
delays due to busy signals or connection time. This allows DSL end-users
to take a voice call and surf the Net, all at the same time!  For
more information on DSL review the DSL FAQ here on the E Street site.

E Street DSL solutions offer numerous benefits to the
user including:

  • Instant Connection: With E Street DSL
    service, one click and you are online. No more waiting to establish
    a connection. No more busy signals.
  • High Speed Data Access: Up to 20 times the
    data speed of a traditional 28.8 Kbps analog dial-up modem
  • Simultaneous Voice and Data Connections Over
    The Same Line:
    DSL end-users can make voice calls and access
    real-time stock quotes on the internet simultaneously or send a FAX
    while browsing the World Wide Web. There’s no need for a second
    phone line.
  • More Security: DSL provides a permanent,
    dedicated connection. It’s dedicated to the user and no one else,
    compared to cable modems which offer access over a shared
    cable medium.



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