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Troubleshooting DSL internet access

For download speed testing see the following article:

   “How do I test my DSL download speed”


The first troubleshooting steps you should take on all DSL related connectivity issues are:

1) Reboot the external DSL router by unplugging the power for 2 minutes.

2) Reboot your computer.

3) Check all of your cables and their connections.

After that, you can start looking for other causes.

– If you have an external Cisco DSL router, look at the WAN LNK light and see if it is blinking. If you have an ActionTec modem, look at the ‘Internet’ light to see if it is blinking. When you initially power up the router after step #1 above, the lights should blink briefly and then stay on solid. If it continues to blink, your router is not communicating with the Qwest central office and you may need to call Qwest to start a trouble ticket.

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