Installing DSL filters

Before installing or configuring your DSL service, you should install the microfilters that shipped with your equipment. The filters should be installed at every phone device that shares the DSL phone number, including answering machines, faxes and all telephones. DO NOT install a filter on the phone line that you use to hook up your DSL modem. The DSL modems come with built in filtered phone jacks you can use to add a phone if necessary.  A DSL filter looks like this: 

You should install the microfilters as close to the wall outlet as possible. DSL is very distance sensitive and can go over the acceptable limits if you have a lot of phone cords and devices. By placing the microfilters close to the outlets, you eliminate potential DSL problems related to distance.

To purchase additional filters contact E Street support

If you have an alarm system, you should contact CenturyLink or your alarm company to make sure your DSL service and your alarm service can work together. It may be necessary to have your alarm rewired in order to use DSL.

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