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Recording greetings for Auto Attendants with Voice Pilot Hosted systems

These instructions are for E Street Voice Pilot Hosted products:

Did you know – you can use your phone to record various greetings for your phone system?  For instance, greetings for things like; Auto Attendant business hours, after hours, holidays, inclement weather, or even spur of the moment announcements. Below are the steps to record plus some Auto Attendant functions for your greetings and a sample Auto Attendant script*.

Here is how to record and then have E Street post the greeting in your E Street Voice Pilot HOSTED phone system:

Dial “*301
Follow the prompts:
“After the tone say your message and then press the # key.
Record your greeting.
Press the # key when done recording.
   “Press “1” to accept this recording, press “2” to listen to it, press “3” to re-record your message.”That’s it – you’re done recording.
Last Step – Drop a noteto E Street support that you have recorded your new greeting.

Let us know your organization, extension, the date/time you made your recording, and any additional instructions you may have with it.

E Street engineers will confirm and make the recording live for you.

* Here are some functions that are possible within the Auto Attendant:

  • You can have separate Business Hours and After Hours messages.
  • From inside the Auto Attendant message, callers can dial the extension of the person they are calling to be connected directly to them
  • If the caller doesn’t know the extension, they can press an option for a directory where they enter the person’s first or last name to be connected.
  • A caller can be transferred to an “Operator”
  • You can program keys 0-9, * and # to transfer to any extension or phone number even if the phone number is outside of your VoIP system.
  • You can have the message repeated by pressing a key

* Here is a sample script for an Auto Attendant. This is of course just an example and we can help you work out the details of your own script:

“Hello and thanks for calling ABC Company. If you know the extension of the person you are calling, you may enter it at any time.
For a company directory, press 1.
For sales, press 2.
For support press 3.
For billing, press 3.
If this is an emergency and you would like to page our on-call support technician, press 4.
To speak with an operator, press 0. To repeat this message, press *.

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