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Tell me about E Street’s Voice Pilot Fax Service

Voice Pilot Fax

Voice Pilot Fax
Internet faxing (Using E Street Voice Pilot Services / Email application to Send and Receive Faxes) is more cost effective and convenient than using the old traditional fax machine, and offers a vast amount of features and benefits to reduce costs while increasing business productivity. E Street’s “Voice Pilot Fax” is E Street’s easy to use electronic fax service.

With Voice Pilot Internet based Faxing you can…

– send and receive faxes directly from your email program
– use E Street’s Communicator Desktop application to send faxes and review your sent and received faxes


If you know how to use email, you know how to
use Voice Pilot Fax!

To SEND a Fax (Outgoing fax):

Open your Email program and compose an email:
    FROM your authorized email account
    TO your authorized Fax-Email account
    SUBJECT: The destination fax number goes in the subject. No dashes, spaces or any other characters (eg: 3035551212)

And Simply attach your document to the email (document must be in PDF format in standard “portrait” vertical page layout) to fax the document:

Voice Pilot Fax

SEND – and You’re Done!

You will receive an e-mail confirmation to let you know your fax was sent successfully.



To RECEIVE a Fax (Incoming fax):

When signing up for service with E Street, E Street will assign you your own local fax number…OR port in your existing Fax numbers.
You just give out your fax number like normal. When the sender faxes a document to you, it will appear in your inbox just like any other email with your fax document(s) attached in PDF.

  1. Someone faxes your personal fax # just like normal
  2. The Fax gets converted to PDF format
  3. Document is sent as an attachment into your email inbox
  4. Double click and view


Contact E Street Support on any questions with Voice Pilot Fax.

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