E Street Spam & Virus Filtering Additional Tips and Details

E Street Spam & Virus Filtering Additional Tips and Details: Here is some additional information about how to best take advantage of the advanced features in E Street’s spam and virus filtering system. For the main Intro and Instructions see:https://estreet.com/knowledge-base/e-street-spam-virus-filter-overview/ E Street Customers are provided Spam and Virus Filtering and protection by our Spam and […]

E Street Spam & Virus Filter Overview

What is it?The E Street Spam & Virus Filter (powered by E Street) is an email firewall/spam filter that screens your email for spam, spyware, and viruses BEFORE they reach your inbox. The E Street Spam & Virus Filter is included on all “@estreet.com” email accounts and is available as an add-on for private domain […]

Accessing the E Street Spam and Virus firewall

To change or retrieve the password for the E Street Spam and Virus Firewall follow these steps: 1 – In a web browser, go to mailgate1.estreet.com 2 – Click on the “Forgot your Password?” link and enter your full email address. 3 – The password will be emailed to you within a few seconds. Check your […]

Advantages of E Street Colocation

When it comes time to setup software services and a server for your company, colocation with a reputable data center offers a lot of advantages. It’s easy enough to throw a server into an unused closet and call it a day… When it comes time to setup software services and a server for your company, […]

How do I join an E Street Voice Pilot Meeting from my browser?

Communicator is E Street Voice Pilot’s Unified Communications desktop application. Voice Pilot Meeting is a module within Communicator that allows any user to set up video and/or audio meetings & conferences without the hassle of switching applications. Voice Pilot Meeting allows you to meet with multiple users simultaneously, while offering: Video Conferencing – in grid […]

E Street Voice Pilot and using a VPN service

By default and for security reasons E Street restricts access to our voice platform (E Street Voice Pilot https://www.estreet.com/voice) to primarily US based IP addresses.  As a result login to your telephony devices may fail from foreign countries.    There is a solution however by using a VPN service.  A VPN will tunnel an Internet […]

I get a “Cannot Verify Server Identity” error on iPhone IOS Apple Mail

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]  If you are using the iPhone mail client or other Apple devices using iOS to access email you may experience the “Cannot Verify Server Identity” error. This error is caused by iPhone’s and iOS’s strict verification of mail server certificates and affects POP3 and IMAP email accounts with SSL encyption enabled. How to fix… […]

Voice Pilot Communicator and Communicator GO

Voice Pilot Communicator & Communicator GO E Street’s Unified Communications desktop application and iPhone (IOS) or Android smartphone app brings the industry-leading features of E Street Voice Pilot Digital Voice to your desktop and phone.   It is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu Linux as a desktop application, and Communicator GO on Google Android […]

Tell me about E Street’s Voice Pilot Fax Service

Voice Pilot Fax Internet faxing (Using E Street Voice Pilot Services / Email application to Send and Receive Faxes) is more cost effective and convenient than using the old traditional fax machine, and offers a vast amount of features and benefits to reduce costs while increasing business productivity. E Street’s “Voice Pilot Fax” is E […]