Call Forward – Line Unavailable or Unreachable

The VoicePilot phone system has the ability to know if your physical phone, (Polycom, etc.), is online or not. There is a setting called Call Forward Line Unavailable that will allow you to forward your incoming calls to a user specified number if your phone is offline. This feature is very useful in the event […]

9 Urgent Security Tips for Online Holiday Shopping

The holiday shopping season is taking off. This means that scammers have also revved up their engines. They’re primed and ready to take advantage of all those online transactions. Don’t forget to stay safe online during the buying frenzy that occurs this time of year. An ounce of cybersecurity prevention is definitely worth a pound […]

CRM Usage with E Street VoIP

E Street’s VoIP platform can integrate with a number of the most common CRM or Customer Relationship Management programs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that provides companies with an opportunity to manage their own previous, present, and planned interactions. E Street VoIP allows users to integrate, test, select some of the log […]

Microsoft Productivity Score Overview

Productivity can be challenging to track, no matter where employees are working. How do you know they’re using their tools as effectively as possible? How can you enable them to adopt best practices? These are questions that managers often ask themselves. If they’re looking at the wrong things, it can get in the way of […]