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How to port your phone number to E Street

Your existing telephone numbers (TNs) can be ported to E Street for service with E Street Voice Pilot – https://estreet.com/voice

The porting process takes anywhere from 1-7 days but issues can arise with specific carriers and incomplete/incorrect porting info can result in delays.

To port your number(s):

Download, fill out, and sign the E Street “Letter of Agency (LOA) to Change Telephone Service Provider” form here: https://estreet.com/downloads/EStreet_VoicePilot_LOA.pdf


1. The “service address” must be the exact service location your carrier has on file for the TNs your are porting (not necessarily the billing address). If you’re not sure, call your carrier and ask: “What is the exact service address you show for my XXX-XXX-XXXX number?”

2. List the “BTN” (Billing Telephone Number – many carriers consider this the “main number” for the account. NOTE: Some carriers will list the BTN as the first digits in the account number.). If you are not sure of the BTN, call your carrier and ask: “what is the BTN for my account?”

3. There are essentially two types of ports:
a). A Full Port – All TNs listed on the LOA including the BTN are to be ported from an account, and/or if any TNs are remaining, request disconnect.
b). Partial Port – This is Porting of select TNs (and possibly the BTN) from an account. Other TNs will remain, keeping the losing carrier account open.

4. The “authorized party” is the person that your carrier lists as an authorized person on the account. Print the exact auth party name on the LOA, and this person needs to sign the LOA. If you are not sure of the Auth party name, call your carrier and ask: “What is the exact authorized party name you show for the account?”

Last but certainly not least please provide the most recent invoice bill copy if available. Typically only the first couple pages of your invoice and/or a page that lists the TNs being ported are needed.

Return those documents to support@estreet.com or send them to the E Street fax: 303-584-0652

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