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Setup inclusions for Kerio Connect Mail Servers

What’s included:

  • Full Kerio Mail Server base setup for your private domain name
  • Server side Mailbox provisioning for all users
  • Shared Folders and Company Calendar setup
  • E Street Spam and Virus Filtering setup and support
  • Remote IT support for mail client setups with POP and IMAP protocols

What’s not included:

  • Advanced “MS Exchange” setups for mail clients that support Exchange type functionality e.g.: MS Outlook, Apple Mail, iCal.

    (E Street will provide information on how to configure these environments but often technician assistance is required with either an onsite or remote Tech Services visit.  These setups are provided at standard hourly Tech Services rates.)

  • Mobile device provisioning – is not included with Kerio setups but instructions and documentation for compliant systems are provided**.  Onsite technicians are also available for enterprise setups.


Go here for more info on Kerio Connect setup help, supported platforms and software:

* Most modern Android devices do support ActiveSync – but some older Android phones do not support ActiveSync natively but there are third-party applications available that do support it (like “Touchdown” for example).

** Please note: E Street remote support has limited functionality  for the mobile devices themselves.  Contact E Street support to check if we can help with mobile device setups and/or contact the phone manufacturer or your cellular provider.

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