Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Shared Cloud Storage Organized

Free illustrations of Upload

Cloud file storage revolutionized the way we handle documents. No more having to email files back and forth. No more wondering which person in the office has the most recent copy of a document. Between 2015 and 2022, the percentage of worldwide corporate data stored in the cloud doubled. It went from 30% to 60%. […]

I think my website is hacked. What do I do?

There are lots of different types of website hacks. Hacks can be malicious (such as installing a virus on your website that your visitor’s may get), or the hacks can just change the text on your front page. It is important to determine if your website has been hacked, how it was hacked, and then […]

What Cisco phones do you support with E Street digital Phone Service?

E Street Supports the Cisco 7940 and the 7960 as long as they say “SIP” in the upper right corner of the display. Default and recommended phones are the Polycom IP phone product line. Also… Linksys also makes phones that can be supported on the system (contact E Street for the specific models).

How to update your password in your mail program settings

PLEASE NOTE: To change your email password you must first log into your mail server control panel using your email address and your existing email password and update the password on the server. The server control panel will be something similar to this: The “clients5” part may be different. It may be clients15, clients16, […]

Configuring an Android device for E Street email

***Please Note: Due to the wide variety of email applications available for Android devices we cannot provide detailed setup instructions for all of them. However below you can find the mail server settings necessary to configure the email application on your mobile device. We have also provided instructions for configuring “K9 Mail”, which is the […]

Manually editing your DNS name servers

The following article explains how to edit your name servers in your computer’s network connection properties. *** NOTE: Manually setting the DNS server information on your PC may override settings that your IT professional have in your Internet router or firewall. It is best to touch bases with them for help with this.*** Name servers […]

Configuring an iPad or iPhone for E Street email

To configure your iPad or iPhone to send and receive email please follow the steps below.  NOTE! When configuring iPad/iPhone (or any mail client), you will need the following information: – E-mail address: <yourEmail> – Incoming (IMAP) mail server: <yourIncomingServer> – Outgoing (SMTP) mail server: <yourOutgoingServer> – Account Name (Username): <yourEmail> – Password: You can […]

Account info Call Log Format

The VoIP call logs available through Account Info have the following format, presented as a CSV file: E Street Account Info, Voip Log Definitions (v1.1 – 11/21/2011) Field: Definition 1: Number calling 2: Number called 3: Call start date and time 4: Duration of the call in seconds 5: International call. If the call is […]

I would like to add videos to my website – how do I do it?

Introduction – How to Create Streaming Video NOTE: the MOST common and easiest way to introduce video to your websites is to use an online video service such as Youtube or Vimeo …and “embed” your videos to your web pages. These services even provide the proper embedding code for you. For more detailed […]

Information and Data Security Compliance Statement

The following is E Street’s corporate statement regarding our data security program, and procedures in our ever-evolving commitment to information security and compliance programs. For PCI DSS See: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Physical Security E Street infrastructure is enabled within our privately owned Tier III Data Center facility composed of multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, […]